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madness makes sense
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-The absence of limitations is the enemy of ART. Let them call me a rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it. But should i suffer the misery of devils, were i to make a whore of my soul? Its not ed idealist. The reason i talk to myself is because im the only one whose answers i can accept. But who prays for satan? who, in 20 centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it the most?Thats why they call it the american dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it!If you cant say anything good about someone, then come sit right here by me. My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are at least three other people. Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. To educate a person in the mind but not in the morals is to educate a menace to society. And then slowly the eye stopped looking inward. The silence rose and became still. The look turned to the outer place and stopped, with the birds still shrilling around him. And as if he could speak. They were to have with silence. But he neither sang nor laughed. He did not bless silence, like bread, with words. He did not forsake silence. Let the wind blow, for many a man shall die. My night is now her day, my day her night, so i lie down, and so i rise; The sun burns close, the star is losing height, The clock is hunted down the skies. Let the winde blow, for many a man shall die. My soul stands at the window of my room, and I ten-thousand miles away. Bored with sadness, paralyzed by impotence, Promises; "Tomorrow: I will tomorrow." Tomorrow the same comedy enacts itself with the same resolution, the same weakness. Im sick of having headaches. You know my strange life. Every day brings its quota. Although you cannot believe it necessary, and doubt the sum is accurate, when i fall asleep it strives to be fed.When i fall asleep, even during my sleep, I hear, quite distinctly, voices speaking. Whole phrases, commonplace and trivial, having no relation to my affairs. To my obsessions, My hatred, my disgust, when the night comes, my mind, terrified by the arrears. It has followed me wherever i go, moves where i move, distorting my gesture, a caricature, a swollen shadow, a stupid clown of the spirits motive, perplexes the infinite.Its rape is gentle, never more violent than a metaphor. Therefore, let me preserve the sense that does so fitly serve. Yesterday i stood in a crowded street that was live with people, and no one spoke a word, and the morning shone. Everyone silent, moving without a sound. I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what i cannot fear. I learn by going where i have to go. Great nature has nothing to do, so take the lively air and learn by going where to go. I could watch! I saw the separateness of all things! Stone becomes them; they in turn, become it. And in a maze of noise, suggesting the sound of silence, he knows his place. His weapon was his heart. He wished to get his trophy and depart. One of the others, whom he had never laid eyes on, asked if there was any enemy yet there was to fight. He, I, stood up and bit his arms off at the elbows. To any adversary it is fame, if he risk to be wounded by my tongue. Or burnt in two beneath my red heart's flame, such are the perils he is cast among. Whether he cut my tongue out and take my voice, he shall not take my mind! Two small people came walking by gracefully on bamboo stilts, without dislike or suspicion, lowering my head, i never laughed. I looked at the wall for one last time, calling out a thousand times, I never looked back. No there is nothing, in the whole and all. Nothing that's quite entirely your own, Yet this is you. And round about there is a rabble of the filthy, sturdy, unkillable infants of the very poor. They shall inherit the earth, everything and nothing, combined to create something never seen before. They would like for someone to speak for them, and is almost afraid that I will commit that indiscretion. Great minds have sought- lacking someone else, having been second always. Tragical? No, he preferred it to the usual. Average minds have come to him, with some interest, only to take a strange gain away with them. Speak against unconscious oppression. Speak against the tyranny of the unimaginative. Speak against false bonds. Go to those whose failure is concealed. Go to those whose delicate desires are thwarted. Go like a light upon the dullnes of the world. Go to those who have lost their interest. Oo how hideous it is, rotted a falling in a friendly manner. Go out and defy opinion. Let us express out envy of the man with a steady job and no worry about the future. I fear you will come to a bad end. And I? i have gone half- cracked, nerve-racked, and contempt of oppressors. Go to the lonely and unsatisfied. Shameless and devoid of nobilities, not old enough to have done much mischief, lest they say; lacking in taste. You do not do, you do not do, and barely daring to breathe, the tongue stuck in my jaw, pleading to bring you from darkness. So black no sky could squeak through, but no less than before, i thought the bones would do. But they pulled me out and stuck me together with glue. And then i knew what to do. If I've killed one man, I've killed two. many years, if you want to know, you can lie back down now. I notice you are stark naked, how about this suit? Black and stiff, but not a bad fit. It is waterproof, shatterproof, proof against fire and bombs through the roof. believe me, they will bury you in it. I can sew, I can cook, I can talk. It works, there is nothing wrong with it. You have a hole, you have an eye, its an image, its your last resort. Do you wear glass eyes? What about stitches to show somethings missing? No? then how can i give you a thing?This nation is founded on blood like a city on swamps, yet its dream has been beautiful and sometimes just that now grows brutal and heavy as a burned out star. Peace: the lies like a smooth turd on the tongues of politicians ordering the sweet flesh seared on the staring bone. It was us, all of us, the nations as a whole that hired these assassins. Man eats man with newsprints. I invite to witness a childrens program, a serious of cartoons, on television. Where human beings dressed in the skins of mice are eaten by the beats of burden in their suits and ties. He does not seem to be disturbed or anything more than mildly amused. These mice are swallowed by skeletons in empty suits. obediently he runs outside to watch the skies and play with the colors. he will ride over this world as well, and that his crudest and most terrifying dreams will not return with such wide publicity. But will be re-created into something of beauty.

Current Residence:
:skullbones:Further down the river

Personal Quote:
:skullbones:The Smallest Minority On Earth Is The Individual/
:skullbones:Be thankful we're not getting all the government were paying for!/
:skullbones:The mind that finds its way to wild places is the artist; but the mind that never finds its way back is the lunatics./
:skullbones:Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity./
:skullbones:Throw Dirt On Me And Grow A Wild Flower/
:skullbones:Think for Yourself & Question Authority/
:skullbones:Those Who Dance Are Considered Crazy By Those Who Cant Hear/
:skullbones:Don't act like my hairs not luxurious ..when ya know it is bitch!
:skullbones:It was the first time i fell in love, and i learned a lot. Before that I had never thought about killing myself.

Momma sed...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 12:20 PM
  • Listening to: NIN/Puscifer/Deftones
  • Reading: chuck palahniuk
  • Watching: the magic picture box
  • Playing: MW3
  • Eating: ...nothing
  • Drinking: coffee and kool-aid
Wake up son of mine
momma got somethin' to tell you
change is come
life will have its way
with your pride, son
take it like a man

hang on son of mine
storm's blowin' up your horizon

change is come
keep your dignity
take the high road
take it like a man

listen up son of mine
momma got something to tell you all about growin' pains
life will pound away
where the light don't shine, son
take it like a man

suck it up son of mine
father blowin' up your horizon

change is come
keep your dignity
take the high road
take it like a man
mamma said life awaits
like a kidney stone
its just a broken heart son
this pain will pass away

Don't be aroused, by my confession
Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption
I know Christ is comin', so am I
And you would too if the sexy devil caught your eye

She'll suck you dry
But still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again
She'll make you weak
And mourn and cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again

(Pray) Til I go blind
(Pray) Cause nobody ever survives
Prayin' to stay in your arms just until I can die a little longer
Saviors and saints, devils and heathens and lies
She'll eat you alive

Jesus is risen, it's no surprise
Even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs
The pressure is building, at the base of my spine
If I gotta sin to see her again then I'm gonna lie and lie and lie

She'll make you cry
I'll sell my soul, to be back in your bosom
Gladly now please suck me dryAnd still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again

(Pray) Til I go blind
(Pray) Cause nobody ever survives
Prayin' to stay in her arms just until I can die a little longer
Saviors and saints, devils and heathens and lies
She'll eat you alive

My pulse has been rising
My temples are pounding
The pressure is so overwhelming and building
So steady they're fretting I'm ready to blow
What is she what is she what is she waiting for?

(Pray) Pray til I go blind
(Pray) Pray cause no one ever survives
Prayin' to stay in her arms just to die longer
Saviors and saints, devils and heathens and lies
She'll eat you alive

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